Morning-LyndaMacKenzieTrophy.jpgUplawmoor Curling Club
Morning Section
Lynda McKenzie Memorial Quaich

Lynda McKenzie was the Club Secretary for many years and died in 2003 of breast cancer. Marshall, her husband, donated the Quaich to be played in her memory (Isobel McKenzie was her sister in law).

Inscribed Winners are:

2003 B.Drummond, M.Fisher, P.Drummond, M.Watson/A.Sparrow

2004 M.Wishart, M.Fisher, A.Sparrow

2005 B.Drummond, M.Fisher, C.Tierney, I.McKenzie

2006 B.Drummond, M.Wishart, P.Drummond, A.Matheson

2008 E.Scott, AM.Peffer, M.Steedman, M.Young

2009 A.Lees, B.Dorward, I.McKenzie, M.Simpson

2010 J.Pegg, C.Tierney, I.Simpson, S.Keir

2011 I.McKenzie, B.Drummond, M.Fisher, C.McCormick

2012 J.Pegg, I.McKenzie, M.Mitchell, D.Livingston

2013 B.Drummond, C.Tierney, A.Howie, D.Livingston

2014 B.Drummond, E.Hale, B.Dorward, A.Lees

2015 C.Tierney, J.Boag, C.McCormick, F.Kennedy

2016 C.Furey, E.Scott, A.Kane, A.McKinna

2017 C.Furey, A.Lees, I.Simpson, P.McTaggart

2018 C.Furey, A.Howie, I.Simpson, P.Douglas