Come and Try and practice ice

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Posted by cfurey on September 12, 2014


Tony, Stig, John O'Brien and John Scott are the club's development group, looking at ways to boost membership. 

One proposal is to have a 'Bring a Friend' evening where a member can invite anyone remotely interested in taking up curling to come and try the roarin' game for themselves at a free session sponsored by the club. 

We have provisionally booked ice for 5.30pm on the Saturday 27th September for the come and try evening, with a target of 15 members and 15 friends followed by some drinks and nibbles, if justified by the numbers taking part. 

I am afraid the reality is that if we can't generate those sort of numbers we will have to cancel the ice and go back to the drawing board. 

5.30pm on the Sunday 14th  September is the other date for your diary. We have booked ice for a 'creaky curlers' event, which translate into an opportunity to throw some stones, and ease yourself gently back into the game ahead of our first league matches on Thursday (Sept 17).