Posted by jscott on September 28, 2014


Club members and our guests voted Saturday's Come and Try evening at Greenacres a great success. 

The event attracted four brave souls, all willing to swap the comfort of their armchairs and couches to find out for themselves what the game of curling has to offer. 

Top coach Gordon McIntyre who coaches at international level took Sara and Stewart White through some of the basics of the game covering everything from ice safety and etiquette to basic delivery skills and one of the techniques that sets curling apart from all other sports - the art of sweeping. (See below)

Sara and Stuart White with Gordon McIntyre.jpg

Stewart said: "It was really enjoyable and very interesting session. We thoroughly enjoyed our introduction to curling and we were both impressed with Gordon's knowledge of the sport. The members we chatted to were really enthusiasts and made us feel really welcome".

Meanwhile our own Tony Tierney was conducting a similar session with John Robb and his son Jason 12, both of whom found the experience equally enjoyable. 

John said: "It was really good fun, if a little bit daunting at first. Jason and I were really please to find that we got some practice deliveries we were both able to get the stones to the other end of the rink. I thought Jason might struggle to throw the stones that far, but he did really well".

The event was organised by Tony and John Scott in their capacity as the club's development sub committee. Tony said: "We thought it was a really good turn-out especially on a holiday weekend.

"We were delighted with the 'have a go' spirit of our guests, and we hope that some of our them will follow up our introduction to curling at a free Come and Try event at Greenacres next month, and hopefully might decide to take up curling.  

"In the meantime we are planning to organise another similar event in the near future as several members told us they had friends or family they would like to introduce to the game".

"We owe a special vote of thanks to Gordon for giving up his time, especially since he had just spent a couple of hours working with Alan McDougall and his English National Championship winning rink who were in Scotland for a practice weekend".